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PhD opportunity in IDAEA-CSIC Toxicology group

The Environmental Toxicology group from the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA) is seeking a pre-doctoral student to work in the area of behaviour and toxicogenetics. One of the goals of our current research is to study the effects of neuroendocrine disruptors on behavioural responses in aquatic organisms at different molecular levels using Systems Biology approaches.

The successful candidate will be involved in ongoing research projects that will develop an array of behavioural, molecular and cell biology tools, including different techniques for gene and protein expression analysis (qPCR, RNA-sequencing, immunohistochemistry and metabolomics). The project is conducted in collaboration with The Robotics and Informatic Institute, Technical Politechnique University (http://www.iri.upc.edu/index.php). The student will work with the model crustacean Daphnia magna as a main model although other aquatics species such as zebrafish, crayfish and amphipods may be considered. The ultimate goal will be to develop a set of tools that will allow to integrate “omic” analysis at several levels (transcriptomics and metabolomics). This will allow to discover molecular biomarkers that can be used to identify key events within cells and evaluate the effects of the exposure to pollutants on behavioural and other individual level toxicological responses (mortality, reproductive success, growth), focusing on the prediction of phenotypic traits and outcomes.

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