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This line is devoted to the assessment of the contamination of the aquatic ecosystems by both inorganic and organic compounds, including not only those that are regulated in the legislation (priority contaminants), such as pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, alkylphenols, phthalates, brominated diphenylethers, organotin compounds, metals, etc., but also contaminants of recent identification (emergening contaminants), such as pharmaceuticals, musks, drugs of abuse, perfluorinated compounds, etc., for which environmental occurrence and ecotoxity data are very scarce. This implies their analysis and monitoring in different types of water matrices, such as wastewater, surface water, groundwater and drinking water, and other matrices in contact with them, such as suspended particles, sediments, soils, sludge, organisms, or air. This line has a long history of monitoring activities, which have been carried out in very diverse areas, going from remote high mountains (for instance, los Andes) to local rivers. Relevant problems that IDAEA has contributed to characterize and solve include the contamination episode of the industrial polygon of Flix, the toxic spill of Aznalcóllar and the ecological disaster of Doñana, and the accident of the Prestige ship. The studies performed in this line are usually supported with funds coming from the EU (e.g., AQUATERRA and MODELKEY projects), the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (e.g., CEMAGUA and SCARCE projects), and other public and private entities (e.g. Catalan Water Agency-ACA, Waters of Barcelona-AGBAR. 

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